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HCI International 2013

Chen, W., Chen, C.-W., & Chen, K.-H. , 2013, Modified Control-Response Ratio for Move and Rotation Operations on a Large Multi-touch Interface, In C. Stephanidis & M. Antona (Eds.), Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Design Methods, Tools, and Interaction Techniques for eInclusion (Vol. 8009, pp. 446-453): Springer Berlin Heidelberg. http://www.hcii2013.org/

HCI International 2011

Chen, W., Tang, H.-H., 2011, Exploring the learning problems and resources usage of undergraduate industrial design students in design studio, A. Marcus (Ed.): Design, User Experience, and Usability, Pt I, HCII 2011, LNCS 6769, pp. 43–52, 2011. Chen, W., Lin, Y.-H., 2011, A new structure of online learning environment to support the professional learning, C.…