Month: November 2015

2015 明志科技大學技術與教學研討會

2015.11.27 於明志科技大學舉行的技術與教學研討會,本研究室共計發表四篇文章: 陳文誌 (2015). 工業設計學生的學習壓力初探. Dang, T.-H., Chen, W. (2015). A pilot study on the physical elements affecting students’ concentration in the library. 黃元儷, 陳文誌(2015). 色彩複雜度的主觀與客觀評估初探-以都市街景 為例. 劉冠廷, 陳文誌(2015. 不同思考風格團隊組合的合作設計過程初探.  

IASDR 2015

Chen, W. (2015). Investigating Instruction Planning for Undergraduate Industrial Design Core Courses. In V. Popovic, A. Blackler, D.-B. Luh, N. Nimkularat, B. Kraal, & Y. Nagal (Eds.), iasdr 2015 interplay (pp. 334-346). Brisbane, Australia: IASDR. Abstract Design is a powerful weapon for companies. It is therefore important to educate excellent designers for industry. The purpose…