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Design Information and Thinking Lab (DITL) 由陳文誌與唐玄輝老師共同建立於長庚大學,由於唐玄輝老師轉任至國立臺灣科技大學,目前本研究室成為跨校的研究室。研究室的主要研究方向,隨著時代的變化,以及 2 位老師的發展,正在轉型當中,目前研究室的研究方向包含設計教育 (design education)、設計思考 (design thinking)、互動設計 (interactive design) 等,而設計實務的方向則朝向社會議題的設計 (design for society),期望能替社會進行設計,以達到永續的目標。
DITL @ CGU 陳文誌

AHFE 2017

Dang, T.-H., & Chen, W. (2018). The Importance of Physical Elements and Their Influences on Users’ Concentration of Academic Library. In F. Rebelo & M. Soares (Eds.), Advances in Ergonomics in Design: Proceedings of the AHFE 2017 International Conference on Ergonomics in Design, July 17−21, 2017, The Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, California, USA (pp.…

7th AHFE International Conference 2016

Liu, G.-T., & Chen, W. (2017). The Influence of Team Members’ Thinking Style on the Collaborative Design Process. In I. J. Kantola, T. Barath, S. Nazir, & T. Andre (Eds.), Advances in Human Factors, Business Management, Training and Education: Proceedings of the AHFE 2016 International Conference on Human Factors, Business Management and Society, July 27-31,…